Trend Micro CTF 2015 Final - Binary 2

有點煩人的一題,在二天時出現,比賽時在 Binary1 時間截止後才開始看這題,

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0CTF 2015 Quals - r0ops

allways r0ops !

只值 150 分的逆向題,卻在上面浪費了不少時間,覺得很挫敗…

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Boston Key Party CTF 2014 - VM

this vm needs a license to run. we don’t have the license!

這幾天有點時間,解了幾題去年 Boston Key Party CTF 的題目,做個紀錄

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No cON Name CTF Quals 2014 - eXPLicit

Make me eXPLode! Hint: maybe you want to give a look at the binary…
Points: 500


$ nc 7070
Welcome to Guess The Number Online!

Pick a number between 0 and 20:
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No cON Name CTF Quals 2014: inBINcible

Get the key. The flag is: “NcN_” + sha1sum(key)
Points: 400

題目為 ELF 32bit ELF,執行後只會顯示 Nope! 訊息
從程式中的函數名稱 _rt0_go() 可以看出是 Go 的執行檔

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